Alphabetical Archive

Abbott, Lee K. February 11: “The View of Me From Mars”
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi. September 22: “The Headstrong Historian”
Adnot-Haynes, Becky. October 10: “The Year of Perfect Happiness”
al-Shaykh, Hanan. May 27: “The Spirit Is Engaged Now (Do You Want to Hold?)”
Alexie, Sherman. March 13: “War Dances”
Allen, Christopher. “Other Household Toxins”
Allio, Kirstin. September 20: “Clothed, Female Figure”
Alvar, Mia. March 10: “Legends of the White Lady”
Ardizzone, Tony. December 18: “Larabi’s Ox”
Arimah, Lesley Nneka. “What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky”
Armstrong, David. “Lost-and-Found Girls”
Arndt, Jess. “Large Animals”
Atkinson, David S. June 20: “The Des Moines Kabuki Dinner Theater”

Balaskovits, A.A. December 13: “The Ibex Girl of Qumran”
Banks, Russell. August 28: “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story”
Barkan, Joshua. July 29: “Forty”
Barkley, Brad. July 13: “Another Perfect Catastrophe”
Barrett, Colin. April 4: “Stand Your Skin”
Barrodale, Amie. July 18: “Catholic”
Barth, John. July 3: “Toga Party”
Bass, Rick. March 6: “An Alcoholic’s Guide to Peru and Chile”
Bassen, L. Shapley. April 15: “Lives of Crime”
Bates, Joseph. January 12: “Tomorrowland”
Bausch, Richard. November 24: “The Harp Department in Love”
Baxter, Charles. June 19: “Bravery”
Beach, Jensen. “In the Village of Elmsta”
Bean, Zack. August 4: “Perseids”
Bell, Matt. December 25: “The Migration”
Benaron, Naomi. November 21: “Love Letters From a Fat Man”
Benioff, David. April 25: “When the Nines Roll Over”
Berg, Elizabeth. July 20: “The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted”
Bergman, Megan Mayhew. September 4: “Saving Butterfly McQueen”
Berlin, Lucia. January 4: “A Manual for Cleaning Women”
Bernardi, Adria. December 11: “In the Gathering Woods”
Bernheimer, Kate. April 30: “A Doll’s Tale”
Bill, Frank. May 24: “Hill Clan Cross”
Binder, L. Annette. February 20: “Galatea”
Black, Alethea. May 25: “I Knew You’d Be Lovely”
Black, Robin. October 24: “If I Loved You”
Blackmon, W.D. February 4: “Blood and Milk”
Blakeslee, Vanessa. March 25: “Train Shots”
Block, Brett Ellen. November 23: “For Sale by Owner”
Bloom, Amy. May 30: “Rowing to Eden”
Booker, Brian. September 19: “Gumbo Limbo”
Boswell, Robert. October 23: “Living to Be a Hundred”
Bosworth, Beth. May 17: “The Source of Life”
Bower, Chris. February 19: “How I Became a Writer 1992”
Boyle, T.C. October 9: “Sin Dolor”
Bradley, Ryan W. September 27: “Nothing But the Dead and Dying”
Brandon, John. August 20: “Prospectus”
Brazaitis, Mark. December 14: “An American Affair”
Brenner, Wendy. November 5: “I Am the Bear”
Brockmeier, Kevin. February 2: “The Lady With the Pet Tribble”
Brown, Danit. April 19: “Ask for a Convertible”
Brown, Karen. May 19: “Swimming”
Brown, Rosellen. September 24: “Paco, Dreaming”
Buckingham, Polly. November 17: “The Expense of a View”
Budnitz, Judy. February 6: “Dog Days”
Burch, Aaron. April 12: “Fair & Square”
Burgin, Richard. December 22: “Don’t Think”
Burns, Suzanne. January 16: “The Resurrection of Debbie”
Butler, Nickolas. February 17: “Beneath the Bonfire”
Butler, Robert Olen. March 28: “Chicken”
Bynum, Sarah Shun-lien. July 2: “Talent”

Campbell, Bonnie Jo. January 13: “Children of Transylvania, 1983”
Canty, Kevin. July 15: “A Stranger in This World”
Cashion, Matt. October 17: “Last Words of the Holy Ghost”
Cass, Meagan. “The All-Mutant Soccer Team”
Chang, Lan Samantha. November 25: “The Unforgetting”
Chaon, Dan. February 29: “Patrick Lane, Flabbergasted”
Chase, Katie. August 3: “Man and Wife”
Chernoff, Maxine. October 2: “Signs of Devotion”
Chinquee, Kim. “The Top Shelf”
Clarke, Brock. August 30: “The Son’s Point of View”
Cohen, Garnett Kilberg. September 30: “Lost Women, Banished Souls”
Colbert, Jaimee Wriston. December 1: “Wild Things I-Ghosts”
Collins, Kathleen. December 30: “Whatever Happened to Interracial Love?”
Condron, Jeffrey. “Building Cities in the Desert”
Connor, Traci O. August 1: “Van Gogh Dreams”
Cook, Diane. September 2: “Meteorologist Dave Santana”
Cooper, J. California. August 13: “Somebody for Everybody”
Cox, Dinah. August 17: “Remarkable”
Crerand, Patrick. “The Paper Life They Lead”

D’Ambrosio, Charles. June 12: “The Point”
Dalton, Trinie. April 7: “Baby Geisha”
Daniels, Jim Ray. December 12: “13-Part Story With Mime”
Davies, Peter Ho. July 31: “Everything You Can Remember in Thirty Seconds Is Yours to Keep”
Davis, Lydia. August 27: “The Dog Hair”
Dawes, Kwame. December 6: “A Place to Hide”
Day, Cathy. March 1: “Wallace Porter”
Day, Robert. December 10: “The Billion-Dollar Dream”
de Jesus, Noelle Q. November 9: “Cold”
Dermont, Amber. December 3: “Damage Control”
DeWan, Christopher. November 6: “The Atheist of Dekalb Street”
DeWitt, Helen. “Brutto”
Díaz, Junot. December 31: “The Sun, the Moon, the Stars”
Diehl, Dana. December 19: “Burn”
Dixon, Stephen. October 15: “Two Women”
Doerr, Anthony. Febuary 21: “Village 113”
Donovan, Karen. “A marriage”
Drake, Monica. April 8: “Miss America Has a Plan”
Durham, Gabe. September 7: “Come on the Hike”
Dybek, Stuart. February 9: “Tosca”

Ebenbach, David Harris. May 31: “Between Camelots”
Egan, Jennifer. June 4: “The Watch Trick”
Eisenberg, Deborah. July 10: “Revenge of the Dinosaurs”
Eldridge, Courtney. January 9: “Summer of Mopeds”
Ellen, Elizabeth. April 3: “The Poet’s Head Is in My Lap”
Elliott, Okla. March 15: “The Queen of Limbo”
Ellis, Helen. January 24: “Hello! Welcome to Book Club”
Enriquez, Mariana. “Things We Lost in the Fire”
Epstein, Joseph. August 10: “Casualty”
Evans, Danielle. February 1: “Someone Ought to Tell Her There’s Nowhere to Go”
Everett, Percival. January 30: “Looking for Billy White Feather”

Falco, Edward. November 18: “Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha”
Farkas, Andrew. June 3: “The Committee for Standing on Shoulders”
Fearnside, Jeff. December 16: “The Cat People”
ffitch, Madeline. February 10: “Valparaiso, Round the Horn”
Fincke, Gary. January 27: “A Room of Rain”
Fleming, Colin. December 2: “Potlatch”
Flick, Sherrie. April 17: “Breakfast”
Fordon, Kelly. April 23: “The Great Gatsby Party”
Founds, Kathleen. June 21: “When Mystical Creatures Attack!”
Fowler, Heather. July 12: “Cock Sculpting”
Fox, Wendy J. January 28: “The Car”
Francis, H.E. February 13: “The Sudden Trees”
Fraterrigo, Melissa. November 13: “The Longest Pregnancy”

Gabriel, Jerry. February 15: “Reagan’s Army in Retreat”
Gaiman, Neil. October 31: “The Lunar Labyrinth”
Garson, Scott. April 22: “Advent Santa”
Garstang, Clifford. July 19: “In an Uncharted Country”
Gass, William H. January 31: “The Toy Chest”
Gates, David. August 6: “A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me”
Gautier, Amina. April 13: “Lost and Found”
Gavin, Jim. April 29: “Illuminati”
Gay, Roxane. March 29: “There Is No ‘E’ in Zombi Which Means There Can Be No You or We”
Gifford, Barry. June 24: “The Ballad of Easy Earl”
Gillis, Steven. “The Law of Strings”
Goldberg, Tod. “Other Resort Cities”
Goldenstern, Joyce. September 12: “Communion Dress”
Gonzales, Manuel. December 8: “Pilot, Copilot, Writer”
Goodrich, Melissa. “Daughters of Monsters”
Grandbois, Daniel. December 20: “Happy Birthday Grandma”
Grandbois, Peter. November 30: “School Bus”
Gray, Amelia. March 31: “Thank You”
Greenberg, Suzanne. December 5: “The Queen of Laundry”
Greenfeld, Karl Taro. September 13: “Copper Top”
Greenman, Ben. October 1: “Hope”
Griffith, Michael. March 4: “Hooper Gets a Perm”
Griner, Paul. May 7: “Hotei”
Groff, Lauren. August 29: “Delicate Edible Birds”
Grossman, Judith. September 8: “How Aliens Think”
Grow, Jen. April 21: “Joe Blow”
Gustine, Amy. February 25: “You Should Pity Us Instead”

Habermeyer, Ryan. “The Foot”
Haddon, Mark. October 5: “The Pier Falls”
Hadley, Tessa. July 16: “Phosphorescence”
Hagenston, Becky. May 15: “Scavengers”
Hale, Benjamin. August 2: “The Fat Artist”
Hall, Rachel. October 14: “Heirlooms”
Hall, Tina May. December 17: “Visitations”
Hallman, J.C. July 1: “The Hospital for Bad Poets”
Haraway, Britt. November 4: “Germantown Players Club”
Harmon, Joshua. September 5: “Rope”
Harrison, Wayne. “Least Resistance”
Hegi, Ursula. November 3: “The Juggler”
Heiny, Katherine. March 3: “Single, Carefree, Mellow”
Hellenga, Robert. August 18: “Snapshots of Aphrodite”
Helms, Beth. July 22: “American Wives”
Heti, Sheila. August 9: “The Favorite Monkey”
Heuler, Karen. October 6: “The Apartments”
Hicks, Micah Dean: January 20: “The Hairdresser, the Giant, and the King of Roses”
Hinton, Shane. June 8: “All the Shane Hintons”
Hirsch, Aubrey. August 19: “The Borovsky Circus Goes to Littlefield”
Hoffman, Dustin M. November 10: “One-Hundred-Knuckled Fist”
Holladay, Cary. November 27: “The Quick-Change Artist”
Hollander, Jessica. September 26: “The Year We Are Twenty-Three”
Honig, Lucy. February 28: “The Truly Needy”
Horrocks, Caitlin. March 14: “This Is Not Your City”
Horvath, Tim. May 12: “The Understory”
Houck, Gabriel. “You or a Loved One”
Housely, Dave. March 30: “Cialis”
Houston, Pam. March 27: “Waltzing the Cat”
Howard, Joanna. November 11: “In Duffy’s Plum Cricket”
Hunt, Samantha. “Beast”
Hyde, Allegra. September 14: “Americans on Mars!”

Iredell, Jamie. April 1: “Fuckers”
Ison, Tara. March 23: “Ball”

Jablonsky, William. December 29: “The Indestructible Man”
Jackson, Greg. October 21: “Wagner in the Desert”
Jemc, Jac. March 18: “A Violence”
Jin, Ha. July 9: “Ocean of Words”
Jodzio, John. May 18: “Ackerman Is Selling His Sex Chair for Ten Bucks”
Johnson, Adam. January 1: “Nirvana”
Johnson, Barb. July 24: “More of This World or Maybe Another”
Johnson, Dana. “Now, in the Not Quite Dark”
Johnston, T.D. “Friday Afternoon”
Jones, Alden. February 16: “Shelter”
Jones, Edward P. January 7: “Young Lions”
July, Miranda. January 23: “The Swim Team”

Kamata, Suzanne. July 6: “Havana”
Kealey, Tom. May 5: “Thieves I’ve Known”
Keaton, David James. February 23: “Schrödinger’s Rat”
Kercheval, Jesse Lee. May 4: “Alice in Dairyland”
Kesey, Roy. November 2: “Bloodwood”
Kinder, R.M. February 8: “Going into Battle”
Kirn, Walter. June 5: “Planetarium”
Klay, Phil. April 27: “Redeployment”
Kleeman, Alexandra. October 22: “Choking Victim”
Klimasewiski, Marshall N. November 12: “Tyrants”

Lanier, Susan Hope. May 6: “Felecia Sassafras Is Fiction”
Laskowski, Tara. May 2: “The Monitor”
Lau, Carmen. April 6: “Familiar”
Lawson, April Ayers. “Virgin”
Le Guin, Ursula K. December 7: “Sita Dulip’s Method”
Lee, Rebecca. January 5: “Bobcat”
Leone, Michael. “The Real Natasha”
Leong, Russell Charles. September 17: “Phoenix Eyes”
Leung, Brian. May 3: “Six Ways to Jump Off a Bridge”
Levy, E.J. February 18: “The Three Christs of Moose Lake, Minnesota”
Lewis, Trudy. January 25; “The Bones of Garbo”
Ligon, Samuel. March 22: “Dirty Boots”
Lin-Greenberg, Karin. August 23: “Faulty Predictions”
Link, Kelly. January 18: “Secret Identity”
Linse, Tamara. June 13: “How to Be a Man”
Lipsyte, Sam. May 22: “Old Soul”
Lombardo, Billy. June 22: “The Logic of a Rose”
Lopez, Robert. June 10: “Goldbricks”
Lord, Nancy. October 26: “Wolverine Grudge”
Lowe, Christopher. “Those Like Us”
Luongo, Margaret. October 20: “Word Problem”
Lynn, David. October 7: “Fortune Telling”

Machado, Carmen Maria. “The Husband Stitch”
Macy, Caitlin. June 2: “Spoiled”
Majka, Sara. August 11: “Cities I’ve Never Lived In”
Makkai, Rebecca. January 2: “The Worst You Ever Feel”
Maliszewski, Paul. July 27: “Parable of the Fever”
Marciano, Francesca. June 18: “The Italian System”
Markus, Peter. July 25: “The Singing Fish”
Marquart, Debra. September 28: “The Hunger Bone”
Marra, Anthony. December 27: “The Tsar of Love and Techno”
Martin, Michael Gerhard. May 26: “Shit Weasel Is Late for Class”
Martone, Michael. August 22: “Contributor’s Note”
Masih, Tara L. May 11: “The Sin Eater”
Mayo, Wendell. February 26: “The Cucumber King of Kedainiai”
McCorkle, Jill. March 5: “Intervention”
McCracken, Elizabeth. July 26: “Here’s Your Hat What’s Your Hurry”
McFawn, Monica. February 22: “Line of Questioning”
McGlynn, David. March 17: “The End of the Straight and Narrow”
McGraw, Erin. August 21: “The Return of the Argentine Tango Masters”
McIlvoy, Kevin. November 22: “The Rhino in the Barn”
McLean, Robin. September 16: “Cold Snap”
McManus, James. August 24: “Altar Boy”
Meacham, Rebecca. November 7: “The Assignment”
Meijer, Maryse. July 14: “Heartbreaker”
Mellas, Tessa. January 11: “Beanstalk”
Meno, Joe. September 29: “Miniature Elephants Are Popular”
Michel, Lincoln. January 8: “The Room Inside My Father’s Room”
Miller, J.R. August 12: “Book of Puzzles”
Miller, Mary. December 26: “Big Bad Love”
Milliken, Kate. April 26: “A Matter of Time”
Millhauser, Steven. February 7: “A Report on Our Recent Troubles”
Milward, Andrew Malan. August 14: “The Agriculture Hall of Fame”
Minor, Kyle. May 16: “You Should Go Out With Joy and Be Led Forward With Peace”
Mogelson, Luke. June 14: “Sea Bass”
Moffett, Kevin. May 14: “Tattooizm”
Montemarano, Nicholas. November 28: “If the Sky Fall, Hold Up Your Hands”
Montes, Veronica. “My Father’s Tattoo”
Moody, Rick. July 23: “Demonology”
Moore, Lorrie. July 28: “Foes”
Morris, Laura Leigh. “Jaws of Life”
Moshfegh, Ottessa. “Bettering Myself”
Mozina, Andy. September 1: “Quality Snacks”
Mueller, Daniel. March 2: “How Animals Mate”
Muñoz, Manuel. April 18: “The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue”
Munro, Alice. March 12: “Floating Bridge”

Nelson, Antonya. September 10: “The Control Group”
Nelson, Karen. November 19: “Regret”
Nelson, Kent. October 25: “Alba”
Neville, Kerry. “The Lionman”
Nguyen, Phong. January 29: “Memory Sickness”
Novak, B.J. April 16: “No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogelberg”
Novakovich, Josip. November 26: “The Devil’s Celluloid Tail”
Noyes, Anna. June 7: “Werewolf”

O’Connor, Scott. “Interstellar Space.”
Ockert, Jason. March 9: “Jakob Loomis”
Orner, Peter. September 11: “Michigan City, Indiana”
Orringer, Julie. October 8: “When She Is Old and I Am Famous”
Ortberg, Mallory. “The Merry Spinster”
Ortiz, Simon J. November 14: “Men on the Moon”
Oyeyemi, Helen. December 9: “‘Sorry’ Doesn’t Sweeten Her Tea”

Painter, Pamela. October 28: “The Kiss”
Paloni, Jodi. May 9: “Wonder Woman”
Pancake, Ann. October 12: “Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley”
Panning, Anne. February 27: “Super America”
Parameswaran, Rajesh. January 17: “I Am an Executioner”
Parker, Erin K. June 23: “Red Velvet Couch”
Pashley, Jennifer. January 21: “And One Blue Pussy”
Pearlman, Edith. July 8: “How to Fall”
Pendarvis, Jack. September 9: “Sex Devil”
Perabo, Susan. March 16: “Michael the Armadillo”
Perrotta, Tom. January 10: “Nine Inches”
Phan, Aimee. November 1: “Bound”
Phillips, Jayne Anne. August 15: “Fast Lanes”
Pierce, Thomas. April 20: “Videos of People Falling Down”
Pietrzyk, Leslie. March 21: “Ten Things”
Pitt, Matthew. May 10: “Attention Please Now”
Plummer, Toni Margarita. July 30: “The Bolero of Andi Rowe”
Poissant, David James. July 5: “The Heaven of Animals”
Powell Watts, Stephanie. “We Are Taking Only What We Need.”
Pritchard, Melissa. June 15: “The Case of the Disappearing Ingenue”
Proulx, Annie. October 16: “People in Hell Just Want a Drink of Water”
Puchner, Eric. “Beautiful Monsters”

Quade, Kirstin Valdez. August 31: “The Five Wounds”

Ray, Shann. September 3: “When We Rise”
Richmond, Michelle. April 5: “Medicine”
Ripatrazone, Nick. October 19: “Retreat”
Rivecca, Suzanne. June 11: “Death Is Not an Option”
Rodgers, Susan Jackson. June 30: “Bust”
Rolnick, Josh. June 28: “Pulp and Paper”
Romo, Ito. June 1: “El Gato”
Rowan, Matt. September 21: “The Mayor”
Ruland, Jim. January 14: “Kessler Has No Lucky Pants
Russo, Richard. May 1: “The Whore’s Child”
Ryan, Patrick. November 8: “The Dream Life of Astronauts”

Sachdeva, Anjali. “All the Names for God”
Sanders, Ted. May 28: “Flounder”
Sanow, Anne. October 18: “Slow Stately Dance in Triple Time”
Scapellato, Joseph. “Dead Dogs”
Schiff, Rebecca. August 5: “http://www.msjiz.boxx374.mpeg”
Schmidt, Heidi Jon. October 30: “Darling?”
Schuitema, Adam. March 11: “New Era, Michigan”
Schummer, Darci. June 9: “The Sailor”
Schwartz, Steven. October 3: “Madagascar”
Serber, Natalie. August 25: “Plum Tree”
Sheehan, Aurelie. May 8: “Jack Kerouac Is Pregnant”
Shepard, Jim. March 26: “Boys Town”
Shepard, Karen. “Kiss Me Someone”
Shipman, Christopher. April 2: “My Murderer Drew Me to the Murder Ballad”
Shonkwiler, Eric. April 10: “Gripping the Heel”
Silver, Marisa. December 24: “What I Saw From Where I Stood”
Simpson, Chad. November 16: “Tell Everyone I Said Hi”
Simpson, Helen. May 21: “Lentils and Lilies”
Singer, Margot. April 11: “The Pale of Settlement”
Singleton, George. April 14: “Between Wrecks”
Smith, Ali. May 23: “Erosive”
Smith, Curtis. July 11: “Murder”
Smith, Lee. August 7: “Fried Chicken”
Sneed, Christine. November 29: “The Prettiest Girls”
Sodowsky, Roland. September 25: “Witch”
Somerville, Patrick. May 20: “Puberty”
Southworth, Lucas. January 6: “There Isn’t Any Ghost”
Spark, Debra. February 14: “A Wedding Story”
Sparks, Amber. January 19: “The Cemetery of Lost Faces”
Spatz, Gregory. June 17: “Half as Happy”
Stone, Robert. March 19: “The Archer”

Tabor, Mary L. December 23: “The Burglar”
Tanzer, Ben. April 9: “Anatomy of the Affair”
Taylor, Justin. January 22: “Mike’s Song”
TeBordo, Christian. October 27: “Three Denials”
Tenorio, Lysley. June 26: “Monstress”
Thomas, Robert. October 11: “10 1/2”
Thompson, Jean. January 3: “The Witch”
Tillman, Aaron. “Every Single Bone in My Brain”
Tinti, Hannah. November 15: “Hit Man of the Year”
Tintocalis, Stacy. February 3: “The Tiki King”
Treat, Jessica. April 28: “Ants”
Trobough, Jon. July 7: “Bugout”
Troy, Mary. June 27: “Mercy the Midget”
Tuck, Lily. June 25: “La Mayonette”

Udall, Brady. June 29: “Letting Loose the Hounds”
Upton, Lee. September 6: “The Tao of Humiliation”

Valente, Anne. February 24: “By Light We Knew Our Names”
Vallionatos, Corinna. July 4: “My Escapee”
van den Berg, Laura. February 12: “Opa-Locka”
Vann, David. July 21: “A Legend of Good Men”
Varallo, Anthony. August 16: “In the Age of Automobiles”
Vargas, Cyn. January 15: “Guate”
Viramontes, Helena María. June 6: “Growing”
Vivian, Robert. May 29: “Oly”
Vollmer, Matthew. October 13: “Scoring”

Walker, John Carr. June 16: “The Atlas Show”
Wall, William. “The Last Island”
Wallace, Anthony. October 29: “Have You Seen This Girl?”
Walter, Jess. January 26: “We Live in Water”
Walter, Laura Maylene. December 15: “The Clarinet”
Warner, John. November 20: “Not Schmitty”
Watkins, Claire Vaye. December 28: “Graceland”
Watson, Brad. March 24: “Last Days of the Dog-Men”
Watson, Douglas. September 23: “Against Specificity”
Weinstein, Alexander. September 15: “Children of the New World”
Wells, Kellie. December 21: “Compression Scars”
Wideman, John Edgar. April 24: “Who Invented the Jumpshot”
Williams, Diane. May 13: “Death Bed”
Williams, Tom. August 8: “Among the Wild Mulattos”
Wilson, Gerry. March 8: “Appendix”
Winterson, Jeanette. September 18: “The Poetics of Sex”
Wisniewski, Mark. March 7: “Three-Quarters Stitched”
Woodrell, Daniel. August 26: “Uncle”

Xingjian, Gao. July 17: “Cramp”

Yancy, Melissa. October 4: “Dog Years”
Yates, Steve. February 5: “Forgery”
Yu, Charles. December 4: “Standard Loneliness Package”

Zafris, Nancy. March 20: “Stealing the Llama Farm”